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Commercial Law

Legislation regarding commercial companies, establishment and formation of companies, transfer of commercial shares and stocks, changes inside of a commercial company, substitution of these legal entities prior to a Trade Licensing Offices and prior to a Commercial Register, general meeting legal representation, the law of an unfair competition and protection of an economic competition, securities, agreements and obligations according to the Commercial Law, for example purchase agreements, contracts of work, mandate contracts and consignment agreements and brokerage contracts, solutions of claims and obligations pursuant to Commercial Code.

Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Order Petition, representation of clients in bankruptcy proceedings, representation of bankrupt creditors in a creditors committee, representation in incidental disputes and in others disputes arising from a bankruptcy proceedings.

Civil law and Property Law

Legal relations, liabilities and claims, contracts pursuant to Civil Code, collection of claims, cession and clearing of claims, accession and assumption of debts, lease agreements, transfer of property agreements, mortgage agreements, real burden, lease and sublease of non-residential premises, representation of clients in a case of settlement of a property between spouses.

Labour Law

Employment and manager contracts, formation and termination of legal relation, representation of clients prior to courts in all matters regarding Labour Law.

Judicial and Administrative Proceedings

Representation of clients prior to courts in Civil and Administrative Proceedings, indictments and preliminary rulings, representation of clients in an Execution Proceedings, representation of clients in an Administrative and Offence Proceedings.

Bill of exchange law

Legal services regarding bills, rights and obligations regarding a bill and other related legal issues.

Intellectual Property Law

Registration, changes, transfer and cancellation of registered trademarks, representation of clients prior to the Industrial Property Office, license agreements.

Criminal and Offence Law

Representation of an injured party in a Criminal Proceedings, Criminal Announcement.

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